Janua Caeli

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This journal, like a lot of my online presences, is a scrapbook of a person I've been over several different years - and never quite updated to the present. Its main purpose is for me to write about ordinary events in my life, with a bit of fannish (fanfiction-ish, specifically) activity scattered about.

Any creative works are generally hosted elsewhere (ie, AO3.) Posts that are friends-locked are personal material.

A key thought:

I Praise

O, tell us, poet, what you do?
I praise.
But the deadly and the violent days,
how do you undergo them, take them in?
I praise.
But the namelessness -- how do you raise
that, invoke the unnameable?
I praise.
What right have you, through every phase,
in every mask, to remain true?
I praise.
-- and that both stillness and the wild affray
know you, like star and storm?
Because I praise.

-by Rainer Maria Rilke
(translation by Denise Levertov)

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