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Brief happy thoughts
SSar's Beast
Huzzah to Helen who has sent me her account of a ramble with Yirry. It's hard to explain how happy it makes me, someone else describing my imaginary friend. Whom I should really sketch out. She's just away so often.

Huzzah to Bex - after seeing the jeweller today, I got worried that my engagement ring would finalise into a shape I wouldn't like. Needing a second opinion, I called Bex, who agreed to spend her lunch hour tomorrow going over the design with me. Even before I promised her cake. oltanya, I have just finished giving your cake a solid layer of icing.

Huzzah to everyone really.

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Huzzah for thank yous! Huzzah!-I think I'm falling in love with that word. Huzzah! Oh dear. Glad I could make you happy. HUZZAH! Ok I'll stop now.

oh you huzzah-ers - SCA has kind of made me sick of it... and yet...

If you like, dear morbane, next time I take a walk in the Gardens I shall bring Yirry along in spirit, and take pretty pictures and philosophise with her about nature. Do you think she'd like the herb garden?

I wouldn't mind learning of a good (piratical?) substitute for Huzzah.

Well, *did* she like the herb garden? :)

The thyme was a favourite. We both enjoyed the aromatic herbs. Yirry also liked the lavender bushes but sadly, these weren't quite in flower yet.

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