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Wild Mad Spending Spree; Happy Half Birthday to Helen
SSar's Beast
Firstly, Obama won and this is exciting and caused me to phone up my Dad, which indeed happens rarely. Good work, people. I also respect John McCain but this result is pleasing.

Secondly (and mainly), I am feeling slightly fuller of pocket this week and this coincides with the fact that University grades will start appearing from next week on. Thus I have some rewards lined up for myself if I get the grades I want.

The best possible grades, as far as I can calculate them, mean that I will buy myself these totally gorgeous boots. (Thank you, cicipsychobunny, for reminding me of the existence of this store.)

Next grade gets me this Tshirt, with which I shall go running. (An explanation of this Tshirt can be found at this journal; in fact, this person's hilarious review of John Ringo is what *caused* this Tshirt.) Oh, by the way, read John Ringo. Warning: he ain't a Democrat. You will love him anyway. I suggest you start with Ghost, if you have morbid curiosity, or Through the Looking Glass, if you are looking for fun that is less morally horrible. The Road to Damascus is also wonderful, and much easier to swallow politically.

And finally, an only-pretty grade for English 307 but acceptable grades elsewhere, and I will get a selection of perfumes from Possets, such as Silver Roses, Oregon, Texas, Margot, Pauline, and Girls Love Fall Wine.

Fingers crossed. I want boots.

Man this is out of character.

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Possets looks horribly addictive, like BPAL. My BPAL scent for the season is Port au Prince:

Which is honestly pretty heavy on the cloves. But I dig that about it.

I discovered Possets after I looked at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and realised that I just could not afford to have an addiction to them. But I admire what they do.

Silver Carnations from Possets is a neat scent which starts out quite strongly carnations and starts to smell more clove-like the longer it's on my skin. Hmm. *puts some on today*

OOH OOH OOH if you go with Possets, want to let me know and we can split shipping?

Did you realise Molly N has a shoe called Imperio? Most amusing.


Heh. I was surprised when I clicked on it - I was expecting a dramatically thigh-high boot. I love the way the one called Lupe is topped with a sort of pet-collary thing.

How are you?

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