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SSar's Beast

Question 12 of the exam, which I answered, was, "This is an example of the Lord's Prayer in a Germanic language you do not know. Comment linguistically on the text... What part of the Germanic area might it come from? How old might it be? Why?"

Except I DID know it, or could have known it, because I myself emailed around the Wikipedia link to interlinguistic comparisons of the Lord's prayer (here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lord%27s_Prayer_in_different_languages). And the text Laurie gave us, clearly identified by Wikipedia, was Norn.

Of course, I wouldn't have got a lot of points for just saying Norn. I did pretty well, considering, given that I emphasised its cognates with Old English and its Scandinavian features, and suggested it was younger than the Middle Ages but either a conservative island dialect or extinct.

So I was right. But I was also a minor idiot.