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What a week!
SSar's Beast
This week contains two elections, Guy Fawkes, the Melbourne cup, and for me the last exam of the year. Whew. Even though the latter two are over.

My gosh the American election is exciting. Despite the fact that I have to get up at an unusual 5:30am tomorrow to meet my mother for breakfast, I may get up at 5:15am to see what the election coverage is saying. Or, you know, just check at work, as everyone else will be doing. Eeeee! And before you ask, I was registered to vote in the New Zealand election over a month ago.

I seem to have a bad reaction to "success" or "completion". Ie, I finish an assignment and have to cry a bit. I hand in a final assignment and go really off the rails. I have a final exam (like today) and feel truly shitty, not because of how I did but because it removes purpose. I draw two conclusions from this:

1) I rely on stress to move me forwards.

2) On the day I finish my last class, last paper, or last exam, I shall need to have a padded room and LOTS of alcohol waiting for me. Directly.

2b) Since it's a while since I will have such a set of final occurrences, I should evolve a better method for coping with stress, but the padded room should still be on standby, just in case.

Layne came over to discuss his current RPG, which I have expressed interest in. (It's a White Wolf game.) He had to repeat, "It's only a game," several times, as my levels of stress rose. Again, two conclusions:

1) I should not make any decisions or judgments whatsoever following any last exams, last papers, or last classes.

2) The character I create for this RPG should be such that it is impossible to take seriously. Strangest skill subset, absurd yet vaguely-reasoned motivation, etc, etc. I do not want to put myself in the least danger of overthinking this. Luckily, the game is subtitled "Beautiful Madness". I'm thinking I can work with that.

Edit add: Alex has helped me brainstorm somewhat. Umbrellas and doorknobs are involved.

On the side of GOOD news, I have three glorious weeks of part-time work with no additional responsibilities before my summer paper begins. Awesome.


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