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The Doings of SSar
SSar's Beast
Well, after having a minor crisis about my social life, I have filled my days with people and hijinks.

Thursday: I caught up with Josh and Dani (!) during our mutual lunch breaks. Then Joel and I went to Laser Force & played a few arcade games with the group; then we chatted with Sam until about midnight.

Friday: I made a valiant effort with face paint, and joined the gang going along in Hallowe'en dress to Nightmare Before Christmas In 3D. Joel went home afterwards, and I went to the Hataitai flat to play Singstar. Was horrified by bus prices, but amused by our raucous efforts at the Sugarbabes.

Saturday: Spent some of today studying, then Joel and I went to Cordelia and Rueben's flat; Helen and Alex turned up, and we watched a Horror Movie while eating fairy bread.

Sunday: I will bake! Half of my Linguistics class is coming over to my house to eat cake and debate Issues in Germanic Linguistics. I think it'll be fun!

Monday: Half-day at work, half-day of study, then if certain of my friends are going along, I'll go to knitting group to de-stress before my last exam.

Tuesday: Exam! But Sam and David may appear later to leech from the VUWSF library.

Wednesday: I get to watch the fireworks from Joel's office... which is the 15th floor of a building on the waterfront. Score.

So I'm working on the social side of things. Now I just need to work on the social graces.


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