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SSar's Beast

I had a thought, related to my earlier post on the topic that it is my imaginary friend's birthday.

I was thinking I'd like to do something unique, like go to a musical performance (I have never been to a gig in my life, and maybe four concerts) or a play, or the swimming pool. Not something out of my comfort zone, but something I would never ordinarily do.

But I'm a bit lazy, also there are exams, and I can't be bothered. So I dreamed up the following solution: Someone else should do it for me.

So, if you, reader, go to a movie, or a gig, or the beach, or something, I will pay for one ticket/meal/?, with the following conditions: you must pretend at least to yourself that you have a companion, and you must write an inventive description for me of what you and Yirry did.

Anyone up for it? It's a free movie at the very least.

Price is negotiable, and if I get several takers I will probably only agree to one or two.

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we're going on a road trip through Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kentucky next week. If we pretend you're there and blog about it, will you pay for our gas?

*long silence*

well, it was worth a try.

I wish I could afford that. Because it would be kinda neat.

I'm going to Picton to visit my Grandma over labor weekend (don't cringe- tickets are already payed for).

But while there I plan to visit a museum/gallery/or aquarium, and as I'll be blogging about it later I could easily invite Yirry along.

Oh and the gallery I intend to visit is free (I don't have too much idea about how much the others will cost yet- maybe $12 for the aquarium) so you wouldn't need to pay.

Yeah, but paying is sort of the point - buying a birthday present in a strange sort of way.

Anyway, taking Yirry along to somewhere in Picton would be fantastic. This is the just the kind of thing I was thinking of. Thank you.


Well if you insist on paying for something I'll look up prices of the museum etc and let you know.

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