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SSar's Beast
I am really happy with my new mini-muffin tins. Firstly, Tara showed me a recipe for friands. Then, on Monday, I made savory mini-muffins. These went well, despite my sudden horror at my Lack of Cheese; I added a tablespoon of my jar of Syrian Olive Salad Mix instead. I love that stuff. In this situation it was perfect, because it provided both oil and flavouring. The rest of the flavour came from chopped parsley, caramelised onions, and red capsicum. Really good!

Tonight I decided to bake for my last Danish and Comparative Germanics paper. I made chocolate strawberry muffins, using my handy bag of frozen strawberries, and the pear and hazelnut ones are in the oven now. But given how the batter tasted, they are going to be mouth-explodingly good.

I was also really pleased about a related thing. I made cake for my Tuesday class, and saved the leftover icing in the fridge. It is a super-easy icing because I make it by melting butter and dark chocolate (plus 2 secret ingredients) in a frying pan together, and when I have put it in the fridge in the past, these have separated out and been a pain to re-use. But this time it congealed perfectly, and I was able to microwave it up again to drizzle over my chocolate-strawberry muffins.

Ahhh yummy.

I would put up the muffin recipes, but you see, all I did was search online for basic muffin mix recipes, and add the flavours (cocoa powder, chopped frozen strawberries, ground roasted hazelnuts, pears). Seems to have worked.

It's the time of the year for a lot of birthdays. Grant and Frances have just had theirs; today was Pip's; Tom B-P and Gina and Josh have theirs on Monday. Tuesday is my imaginary friend's birthday. She turns 22. (Yirry is half a year younger than me.) I wonder what I should do. Probably, something I rarely do, like going to see a play, or to a museum. I could go to a pet shop and look at mice and puppies (Yirry likes mice and dogs) or go dancing somewhere, or eat sushi, or, I don't know. Go fish?
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