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A weekend for a weekend
SSar's Beast
Two weeks ago I had everything due; now I've got it all back with marks. An A-, an A-, and an A+. Which is pretty bloody good, given that I had 35%, 25%, and 40% assignments, respectively, due all within three days. I am actually pretty happy about that. Even though Laurie couldn't figure out why I wrote so much about strong verb moving into other strong verb conjugations, and Liz wrote incomprehensible notes on my assignment.

Assignment question (typed up above my answer) Is the constituent ordering for V, S, and O the same as it is in a main clause...?
SSar's assignment: "In Japanese, this seems to be the dominant pattern..."
Liz's notes: circles "this" with a question mark. All I meant was "Yes it is".
I mean, it could have been misinterpreted and I could have written it better, but she did that sort of thing ALL OVER my assignment. I wrote, "The languages I have chosen are Basque and Japanese. This fulfils the criterion of subjects from different language families..." and went on to give references explaining that they are indeed from different language families. Liz circled "subjects" and wrote 'Ref?" Hello, lady, did you want me to give references to your own assignment question, in which you required me to pick unrelated languages? Elle est bizarre.

I have also survived meeting Joel's family! After, you know, nearly three years of going out with him. His aunt and grandparents were extremely nice to me. We went out to lunch at a cafe with laughable service, and duly laughed at it. His grandmother found baby photos and old school speeches. Which weren't about Batman...

I got sucked into doing some market research. I loved that job immensely, but I really miss the previous boss. Kristene's lack of organisational skills oscillates between comic and infuriating. She dropped Sam out in WAINUIOMATA this morning, and neglected to inform Sam that she'd have to find her own way back to town for her Starbucks shift at 2pm. She kept texting me about my free time this week, keeping me as a back-up interviewer for the current project, and forgot that she hadn't actually trained me in this survey until 9pm last night. And because Sam did so well in Wainuiomata, I got sent even further away, to Waitangirua. However, I had a lot of fun. The other interviewer at the Waitangirua location was a really nice guy.

So today's busy day: I went to my normal job at 7am, left at 9am to discuss the Old Icelandic honours paper with miriamus and Dr Franzen, went to my lecture, went back to my normal job from 11am to 2:30pm, got picked up and driven to Waitangirua, and worked there until 5pm. Now I'm going to spend the evening baking for my last 2-hour Troy & Troilus class. I have discovered a recipe for mini-muffins!!

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Dr Franzen sounds like an associate of Bad Horse.

That hurts my brain!

also: mini-muffins are the new Exciting!

Your ideas intrigue me, and I would like to subscribe to your news letter.

She thought you meant grammatical subjects? So she read it as 'I chose S-constituents from unrelated families'? Which is ridiculous. But it only takes a smidgen of common sense to know you meant subject languages, not subject phrases or clauses *eye roll*

Yeah, I wonder how late she was up marking them. Oh well. She wrote some stuff about nominalizations on my assignment that could probably do with some useful expansion. I'll ask her about that when I ask her about taking two English papers in a Linguistics honours.

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