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SSar's Beast
Mmm tired.
It's been a really good weekend. Yesterday we lounged around and went shopping and watched Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade, which surprised me as I slightly disliked it. Today Tara and Layne came over and Tara made two huge fruitcakes, while I made biscuits and friands so that we'd have something to eat after baking (we were not allowed to eat the fruitcakes). I am so exhausted, but I have no fears about the week ahead.

Last week was just hell. I am really glad I took time out on Thursday night to go see Journey to the Centre of the Earth with Cordelia & Rueben and Sam; the movie was a lot better than I'd expected, and seeing friends made it a bright spot in an otherwise unbearably stressful week (after seeing the movie, I went home to spend 15 hours *straight* finishing the assignment). I keep thinking I should have done the Comparative Germanics assignment better, added preterite-present verbs, used more language data... I am almost tempted to re-write it, longer and with better information, but it will be a while until I have the strength to open a book about morphology again.

On to Syntax, then.

It's the Spring Festival at the Botanical Gardens and as soon as I have a morning free, I will go look at the tulips.

Also, while I am thinking about it, read John Ringo books! They are fantastic! Through the Looking Glass is old-style fun sci-fi adventure which gets backed up with more science as the series develops; 'The Road to Damascus' is interesting, slightly heavy on morality lessons but generally well done, and written by a military-minded author who *has* read a bit of history; Ghost is... personal fantasy gone absolutely mad, so I would recommend it only to the strong of stomach, yet it is oddly addictive. I also read The Last Centurion online. It hasn't been published yet, but as soon as it is published I will buy it. It's a good book for people who like to think, "so, what would happen," but don't actually think of themselves as readers of sci fi. All of these books, in fact, are available online in easy-to-read format, or even at your library! Go forth.

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Aww man. I wanna go to the Spring Festival at the Botanical Gardens and look at tulips. I should get my tulips in about 6 weeks for planting. I love 'em.

Neat. They are so gorgeous. My flatmate bought some for her grandmother and they stood in our lounge for a couple of days making everything prettier.

Aww. Have a hug from both of us.

Thanks, and many happy returns.

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