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(no subject)
SSar's Beast
I feel good.

The essay of evil is over.

I will sleep tonight. Ten or so blissful hours of sleep.

I may even have a drink, although not too many as I plan to clean the oven tomorrow morning and that makes me feel quite nauseous enough thank you.

There is life after essay.

I would probably spend all of tomorrow a) cleaning b) staring dreamily at my hands, but luckily my Ling 325 friends have suggested we meet up at the library and get started on our last assignment. It's not due until mid October. I will have it done so long before then.

I... feel... so... good. So peaceful.

And the buses have stopped striking, so I can buy groceries in Kilbirnie tonight and have something to eat!

Yays all around

Also Joel's coworkers found a new typewriter for me! I may bake them a cake to say thank you.

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Yay sleep!

also, I hear something is happening this weekend?

Yes! Games and baking at my house on Sunday. Probably not that early in the morning, but I haven't set a definite time yet (will do so with Tara).

ooh, I have my violin lesson sunday morning.
I will probably text you 1ish, to see if I'm free to arrive :)(cause I will be in town)

I wish I could unwind as quickly as that. I find it takes me a while to get completely energised and focused on a particular goal, but once I do, I do nothing else. When I finish whatever I'm working on, I still feel just as highly strung, and I tend to leap upon any other project I can think of. It takes me a while to calm down.

Me too.
I finished my assignment, I went to two hours of class, I went grocery shopping, I got home and took all of the books I'd used to do my assignment back to the library (there were 18), and then it just felt so weird to stop.

I find it handy to use the 'rev' I've got from being so focused so long on other things, but when I finished this project I was just too tired to.

Getting off a treadmill is dicey.

What are you working on at the moment?

All sorts of things. There are the omnipresent university assignments, of course, and I'm also working on learning Ruby on Rails, a web programming framework, so that I can recode www.firstin.co.nz, the website of the company I'm working for. That'll be one hell of a job, and it'll take weeks.

But I rather like it. Web development involves a lot of creative work. And I get paid for it :D

Damn, I thought I was logged in. That's me above.

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