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SSar's Beast
When September ends, wake me up?
I mean, what did those guys have to complain about? What's wrong with September? They're in the northern hemisphere. They were OK. But in NZ, September is the most stressful time for all students. Assignments upon assignments. Maybe I'm just not in such good shape - I used to be able to do an all-nighter, sleep the next night, do an all-nighter, repeat. Not fun but possible.

Do you Northern-hemisphere people have the same problem in March?

Apparently none of six undergraduate students in Danish and Comparative Germanics managed to hand in the essay in *by 5pm on the due date*. This is partly due to Laurie's whimsical declaration that there wasn't a time on the assignment sheet and he would make it 11:59pm, that is we had to hand it in before he got to University the next morning. And Chris and I haven't finished it yet.

Three of the other students did Boy/Girl terms and two did Shellfish. (Yes, our assignment included the option "Write 2500 words about the different terms for crustaceans in Germanic languages." Oddly, 'schellfyssh' turned up in Chaucer the other day.) So I'm the only one doing the morphology/inflection one.

I have 17 books out from the library, I have two articles from JSTOR and one from ScienceDirect archives, and three other articles photocopied from books. I have the OED Online (but no regular computer access, because of broken keyboard and 24-hour computer-lab access issues). I need to get it done by the end of tomorrow, and I'll "take" tomorrow off work. That is, if my team leader were here, I'd tell her straight, "I need tomorrow off, leave without pay," but since she isn't, well, I suppose I'll have to call in sick. Anyway, work is extremely light at the moment, as you might guess from the rant I am typing up during working hours.

Meh. I hope the "reasons weak verbs might become strong" and the "factors for change in one direction rather than another" make more sense 24 hours from now.

All I type about is university at the moment. But I am living/breathing/dreaming it at the moment. Seriously, when I got sleep last night, the Germanic case structure turned into snakes.

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You'll be fine. Just work as hard as you can, and have plenty of chocolate to get you through the night. *Hugs*.

Thanks. :) One all-nighter more, and the end is in sight.

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