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Full circle
SSar's Beast

Heh. The course of my Chaucerian study last night:

30 mins pretending to read Chaucer but actually reading Beowulf
1 hour reading Chaucer's Boece for philosophical background info
After giving up on that, 30 mins reading a full-flowing arrogant Chaucer commentary by C S Lewis...
...the which commentary ended in two lines of Beowulf from the exact same 10-line segment I'd copied down in my notebook.

Niðwundor seon indeed.

I shall take it as a good sign!

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Oh, wow. That must have been a beautiful moment ^_^

Both Chaucer and Beowulf are brilliant! Sounds like a fun evening, am quite jealous :D

I will absolutely agree with you when I am doing this sort of thing for *fun* again in a couple of weeks. I might hold off until then, though. ^!^

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