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SSar's Beast
I got an A+ today!
And the lecturer handed my essay back to me and said, "Very good work, Sara. Congratulations."
I may sleep with it under my pillow.

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You should!
Who knows what the fairy of diligent study might bring!

Good sleep, apparently. I feel nicely rested today, and I got up at 6:10am.

Woot - go you! It's so lovely to get that kind of feedback :) Here, have some congratulatory chocolate.

Random question: do you and your lovely fiance have Stargate SG-1? I'm tempted to start watching it with my friend from the beginning, but as I'll be coming home in a few months I don't want to be stranded without being able to keep watching it...

Oh, we got every damned thing.

Awesome - I'm pretty much counting on you guys to keep me supplied with the good stuff, as I won't be able to download anymore! I sure will miss this shiny and ridiculously fast university network.

And yes, we will supply you with everything going.

Which means that you will also recieve cake with your scientific fiction. Which, in turn, means that you will probably want to start dieting and training in knife-fighting now. For it is impossible to have just one piece of SSar's mighty fine cakes, and the competition for the last piece tends to get a little stabby.

(Deleted comment)
Congratumalations. Keep it up dear fellow Grammar Nazi!

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