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SSar's Beast
Most terrible fanfic ever encountered.
Those who feel pain when the English language is wounded are not obliged to read: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4504889/1/this_is_who_WE_are

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He walked up to kittie asnd was all like ‘getof the ddr u suck”. Kitty faceplanted likw how they do in anime and was all like omg how could u be suck a bitch u hve purple hair and taht is so hot but ur a bitch and that is totaly bitchy but then she stated to luck at him play and relized he couldnt do even the begniner mode to a one fot song.

I think we've found a challenger for My Immortal!

Read the author's notes. They're the best part.

I used to feel pain... and then I got into fandom. These days, I just point and mock. As for this: *points* Bahahahahah! Look at all that horrible fangirl Japanese! :D

Also, it's not the most terrible fanfic ever unless it does all this and horribly rapes your favourite characters, be that in a literal or figurative manner. Don't think your worst case scenario of badfic is too horrible to really exist. It does. Trust me. It does.

Worst I ever saw was a fanfic with surprisingly OK grammar in which orcs kidnap Galadriel and teach her to actually like rape by orcs.

Ooh! I think I read that one! Or possibly a PPC story or MST3K about it. Either way, ow, my eyeballs.

No, THIS is the worst fanfic ever:

Ian and I only found this a few days ago and laughed ourselves sick. Then we got quite depressed. It seems ridiculous that humans spent quite alot of time developing written languages, then only in the last century have a majority of people in first world countries been able to read and write it and now apparently we're throwing it out the window :(

I read it, but kinda wish I could have read it in original spelling. It loses something without the extra capitals. Then again, "Back then Snap was possessed by Snap" - LOL!

I mean, come on, in My Immortal the author only talks about Hot Topic once every few chapters. Kitty Garnet-whoever judges characters by their favourite clothing stores every few paragraphs!

That's why I like to the Encyclopedia Dramatica version, 'cause they've preserved some of the glory of the typos.

I concede that "this is who WE are" has some quality features such as complete misunderstanding an misuse of a language other than English, and the line "i think reijiji is a pretty cool guy. Eh kisses boys and girls and doesnt afraid of anything" but the use of Chaputa 2 followed by Chiptarte 3 makes me think troll.

Whereas My Immortal should be given bonus point for length. What on earth does this girl do other than write badly? Real life personal drama (with her friend Tara) and the name Voldimint. Such a cute name. Although, to be fair, also possibly a troll.

I can't believe I'm debating this. Really this is bad, and we should feel bad.

That's why I *link*...

Apparently reading this mess this morning has taken a toll on my English. Good grief.

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