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Linguistics fizz
SSar's Beast
In reading a text wrote by my lecturer, I suddenly feel great affection for him in that he invented the word indigoth. (Meaning, the degree to which something possesses the quality 'indigo', as in width, depth etc. And that just makes it even more awesome.)

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See, I would have thought that indigoth meant someone dressed all in black who was totally up to date with all the coolest underground bands on the music scene.

The kind of person for whom this t-shirt was designed, in other words: http://www.threadless.com/product/917/I_Listen_To_Bands

Yes! And goth/indie go pretty well together as a mental picture in my head.

I read that as Indigo-Goth.
I have an image of a person who really likes purple, and spikes

Goth in the ultraviolet spectrum! ^!^

The movie ultraviolet looks vaguly goth at points :)

also: coming to the quiz?

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