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Weekend without rhyme
SSar's Beast
In this weekend:

-I got my voice back, and Joel also recovered from his sickness.
-I went on a longish walk, 2.5 hours (Kelburn-Thorndon-Northland-Mairangi-Wilton-Karori-Highbury-Kelburn).
-I went ring shopping with Bex and Tara, and not only was this shopping expedition not hideous, it was fun. Further, I decided on the metal, the design, and the kinds of stones I want, and I know what the next step is. This is astonishing to me!
-I got myself olive salad at the Syrian shop in Newtown. I love their olive salad.
-I read paperbacks.
-I went to the vege market with Nik.
-I started watching Angelic Layer again and I am enjoying its sweetness.
-I made an enormous meal for Sunday dinner which consisted of five dishes (roast lamb, spice-roasted potatoes, tabouleh salad, honey-garlic vege stirfry, and leek & mushrooms in white wine) and although the guests I invited sadly couldn't show up, my flatmates ate it appreciatively and I have lots of leftovers for work this week.
-My flat watched Wipeout shamelessly and with great enjoyment.

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to a working week we go.

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Im sorry I didnt come :(
Im still sick :( and i think everyone else is sick as well coz of me so It was prob lucky i didnt come or else I would have made you all sick to!

so i am sorry!
but we will do dinner soon!
(and man that sounds yum)

That's okay, and I'm quite grateful to be still healthy... and Alex said you'd been sick for a while, what you have sounds quite nasty. Dinner later would be good! The lamb recipe was a bit experimental - not too bad, but I don't think I'd make it again.

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