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woe, anguish, hilarity with possible violent side effects
SSar's Beast
I interrupt my flailing attempts at poetry to bring you this news bulletin: I have laryngitis and it sucks.

I could speak. It hurts muchly (as in "only two hours until I can have another painkiller!") but I can vocalise. But I know if I speak today I can't speak tomorrow. In some ways it would be better if I were alone. But everyone is home today and I really want to talk and I can't. There is an inherent comedy in watching me write things down indignantly on paper, or feed them through the computer voice synthesiser, and so I can sort of understand why my nearest and dearest are laughing at me, but at the same time I do want to stab them with a pen so that it threads nicely through all the orifices in their skulls.

That is all.


Edit Add: Triumph! I can talk just a little and I can go to work and it doesn't hurt too much. Discipline paid off yesterday.

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Get better! Make up your own sign language!

This flat is full of geeks with prejudice against mimes. I think I shall take Option 1!

Hugs. Get better!

Although this does sound like a rather amusing situation.

*sigh* Yeah, at first.

I'll do my best on the getting better part.

I understand your urge to kill your nearest and dearest. I really do as *cough* I might have such urges with them myself sometimes. But being ill and in prison too would not be nice so please don't do it.

Get well soon honey.

Thanks. You have a lot of good points.

Your computer has a voice synthesiser? heh, feeling like that Hawker guy much?

Y'know, that did go through my head rather a lot.

So, you're in Newtown now? What's your flat like?

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