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Local Queries
SSar's Beast
In talking to a friend recently, their advice was that I deal with my tendency to suppress emotions then "snap", by doing something every day that I COULD put off until another day.

So today I went for a run (Northland route) and have started a letter to my grandmother. However I have spent most of my "study hour" morning reading John Ringo books.

Sort of a tradeoff.

Hey, is there anyone on my friends list who would like to trade recipes? I had this thing going with my mother where I'd send her a recipe, she'd send me one, etc. I have let that slide somewhat, although it worked really well for me, as I was being gradually taught how to make all of my favourite foods from childhood. Anyway, does anyone want to trade, say, "Cumin Potatoes" for "something to do with spinach"?

Also, Wellingtonians, any recommendations for furniture stores? I am saving up for a new bed, queen size probably although I'll have to check measurements. Mostly I want something solid, dependable, and COMES APART EASILY. So sick of trying to get awkward bits of furniture, mine and my friends', up and down stairs. And although I am very grateful for the people who have helped me take my bed apart and put it back together at various points, it would be really nice to have a bed I could actually assemble on my own.

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If it makes you feel any better, I cribbed that piece of advice from The Last Centurion, which is a John Ringo book. Does that alter the calculus any?

So... John Ringo's advice was slightly counteracted by me reading John Ringo's books? That's a spin to the head.

But it did make you sound very clever.

I'd totally trade recipes. Ian and I make alot of stuff up as we go along though...

Great, I'd go for that.
I'm morbane @ gmail.com. What is your email address? Let me know and I will send you whatever I can think of at the time.

Same here, angelchrome @ gmail. We've got a bit of a weird collection of recipes, but I love new ideas...

Oh, a word of advice just while I think of it: Those wacky spammers aren't defeated by spaces. I'd personally go for something like morbane /-AT-/ gmail, or something equally complex.

I have a spinach and feta scones recipe...

Good, I need something to do with spinach. What would you like in return?

Whatever you've got. Err a fish recipe might help.

Sorry. I don't cook fish much. BUT Cordelia was telling me of a fish recipe involving leeks that sounded delicious - try her?

I'll just give you something else.

something to do with spinach:

Spinach, sausage & grape tomato pasta


1 punnet grape tomatoes
2 nice italian sausages
as much spinach as you want to add
fresh garlic
olive oil
an unholy amount of parmesan cheese

1) cut the grape tomatoes in half, put in an oven-proof dish
2) drizzle over olive oil, add garlic
3) roast for 20 minutes.
4) meanwhile, grill italian sausage (I use chicken sausage with spinach and fontina) and then slice into small pieces
5) add cut up sausage and fresh washed spinach to oven dish (you might want to tear the spinach into small pieces or use baby spinach) put back in to roast
6) cook pasta
7) once pasta is cooked, add to oven dish, give it a good stir to mix in the goodness
8) plate up, and grate an unholy amount of parmesan cheese over the top
9) eat, and blaspheme about how incredibly good it is.

*grins* Can agnostics blaspheme?

There is a sausage shop in a distant suburb that my friends have raved about to me. It sounds as though it might be worth that recipe. Normally I have the supermarket's somewhat dubious selection of "Old English Beef Flavoured Sausages" and "Italian Style Sausages". Etc. Might try that with some form of potato rather than pasta, as Joel isn't much of a pasta fan. I am, though. And sufficient garlic/parmesan makes anything mouthwatering.

Here is something incredibly simple, when they're in season:

Potato-Stuffed Capsicum (or Bell Peppers)

This is a very filling side dish - or, good to have as a lunch.

-4 small bell peppers (green, red, orange, or yellow according to season and preference) - it really helps if they have an evenly-dimpled base and can stand up.
-amount of (floury) potatoes which makes up approximately the volume of the bell peppers - peel them or not, according to your taste
-half a cup of grated cheese
-2 tomatoes
-any and all of your favourite pizza-topping type of ingredients
-sprig of parsley (chopped)

1) Chop potatoes roughly and put them in a deep saucepan of water with a large pinch of salt. Boil in this way until quite soft.
2) While potatoes are cooking, cut around the top of the bell peppers, remove stems, and pull out the white pithy ribs.
3) Into a bowl: grate most of the cheese, chop the tomatoes and parsley, and add such wonderful goodness as sliced olives, chopped ham, oregano, salami...
4) If you feel like adding a bit more effort, you can also fry some onions or mushrooms or garlic while the potatoes are cooking, and add them to your bowl of goodness.
5) When the potatoes are breaking apart nicely, drain them and add them to the bowl. Boiling-hot-potatoes plus cheese and other things makes a nice creamy mixture. Mix it thoroughly, then squish into the capsicum. Stand the capsicum up in a small baking dish, and put in the oven.

If you like raw bell pepper / capsicum, then just put the capsicum under the grill for a minute or two to brown the cheese on top. If you prefer it cooked, put the capsicum in the middle of the oven on medium heat and give it approximately 20 minutes.


Also, because that took me ages to get around to typing up, have a very good
bearnaise sauce recipe.

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