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Oh, what the hey.
SSar's Beast
I would like to make a general announcement that, while in England, Joel proposed and I said yes. We are now engaged to be married. This is generally glorious.

Splendid! I believe you two shall be insane and happy and insanely happy with each other. :D

Heh. Bun, I thought of you, as Joel proposed on what would be, in NZ time, June 22nd, and Joel's birthday is also on December 22nd. See the ironic parallel? *hugs ironic parallel*

(Deleted comment)
Whhat! Such a delayed announcement!
So happy for you! ^_^

I know! There were people I wanted to tell in person first, and then I figured I'd better hurry up and let everyone know. Partly complicated by my temporary lack of ring.


(I know I don't actually know you, but I thought this post deserved a comment :D)

Heh. Thank you, mysterious fellow Wellingtonian.

that's utterly fantastic!

(according to Aja, Joel was really enthusiastic for you to catch the bouquet, so I think she knew then)

*grins* Thanks. Actually, he proposed in between the wedding and the reception, so I wasn't technically eligible for any bouquet-catching. But it meant I got to smirk a lot as they hustled me into the hall for when Ellen threw it.

Congratulations, sweetie-pie! When do you reckon you guys will have the wedding?

Sorry I missed you at knitting club on Monday- after all this time I've been hassling you to come! Was otherwise engaged. ;P Tehe! See you this Mon?

Yes, you will, and I'm bringing a guest.

Er, not for AGES. 2010, probably.

OMG Ssar thats awesome :) :)

I'm glad you agree! ^!^ Thanks Sas.

Grats grats grats ^^ England proposal sounds cute.

It was, and thanks! Your icon is somewhat ironic.

Oh wow, that's wonderful, SSar! Congratulations!

I am so thrilled!!!

I'm seriously having a spastic attack.

uhoh! but at least it is a bliss attack. Hugs.

Hey Congratulations!! England and a proposal...NICE!

Very swish, eh?
It was very nice to see you yesterday! You looked very chipper! I hear you're in town until next Saturday (19th I suppose)?

Knowing about this already makes it no less cool. I wish I could give you sage advice but our civil union was completely unco!
Go you two :D and remember I still owe you food...

You do! I look forward to it, your cooking experiments sound delicious. Be sure to keep a crafty eye on them whenever they're cooling on your windowsills.

And, thank you. Hugs so much.


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