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Joy and Wonder and Yay, Oh My
SSar's Beast
I am happy like a happy thing.

So the plan all along was that I would go to the airport and give Paul and Ellen a hug when they got off the plane, before they were swept away by family and so on.

"I could," I joked to weaselfilms, "just look up the flights from Fiji to Auckland, figure out the earliest time they could get to Wellington, and hang around the airport from then on." Because my work is just that flexible. (This was before deepbluemermaid helped me narrow it down and gave me Paul's parents' number to check the flight time.)

Then my best friend Pip, who lives in Auckland, sent me a text saying "I am coming to Wellington tomorrow, you goose."

So now I am going to Wellington airport TWICE tomorrow, once at 10am, and once in the evening. I can ride back into town with Pip and Lauren and go to work, then head back to the airport as soon as work finishes.


I am ecstatic!

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Say hi to pip for me.

give them both a hug from me when you see them. two ships in the night...

Hi Sara, it's Louise :)
I can't believe i missed the ENTIRE time you've been in England! As they say over here, pants! Did you know i've been living over in the UK this year? Well i'm coming home in a week and a half, so i might see you if we happen to be in the same city. It's been nice to pop in on your journal and see how you're doing every once in a while (not too stalker-ish i hope). Sounds like you had a wonderful time:)
Love lots, Louise

Re: two ships in the night...

Hey Lou!

Yes, I just read your email. Which was very inspiring by the way! I might be in Auckland once or twice over the next month, so we'll see. I can't imagine you'll have much reason to come through Wellington, but if you do, please do let me know.

Give my best and a hug to pip from me.

Also am I right in thinking your flatmates have birthdays this Friday for one and err either Monday or Tuedsay for the other? Its sad I can't remeber the exact day for blunebottle's but I get it and anothers whom is a day apart mixed up.

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