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Triviality bulletin
SSar's Beast
The flat is back together! And our first act was... to clean the bathroom. Now there is no longer any scary green staining or soap scum! Go us! No, really.

Tomorrow is Work and Knitting Club!

I am a little nervous about work - it just seems odd to leave for a month and then return, my only token of safe passage being the fridge magnet I bought for my supervisor. I suppose I should have bought candy for them all, but I was really paranoid about what foods Customs would let pass. (As a matter of fact I whisked past Customs - there were a couple of quick questions and an approving smile).

starzend is demonstrating that, of the two of us, he is the one with a spine, as he has determined we will go running tomorrow morning. It's going to be a high of 6 degrees celsius overnight, so this will be... interesting. Interesting like frick.

That's all folks.

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Just so you know.. I'm planning on wearing polyprop, so I don't die.
You may just want to look at wearing something slightly warmer.

god I wish it were that cold here. Unfortunately, we're about to be beaten up by the summer from hell.

This is not the time for me to play Best Martyr... THIS is the time for me to say - you poor, poor sods, I acknowledge your doom. I am grateful for my winter.

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