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SSar's Beast
The first ever hen party I've been to can be approximately summarised by a quote from the day:

Drag queen: And you thought you were along for an evening of post-modern irony. Ha ha ha.

I am still all hayfevery. Luckily Audrey (who I may as well alternately refer to as my host mother) is a doctor.

I miss you all. Have any of my postcards arrived?

Y'know, if you have gift requests, better get them in now.
Remember the size of my suitcase! It's big!

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Large enough to fit in a red-head!

Yes we got the postcards-thanks so much for them. They have pretty pictures and words. I was going to send you a thank you email (to let you know they'd arrived), but I guess this'll do. :)

That doesn't mean I know which ones arrived... and no requests from you?

You're welcome.

No requests.

The ones that arrived were the one with the guards and the one of the fountain.

Thank you :)

Well, you're getting a small package anyway, it just won't be anything you're expecting. :)

I hope everything's okay with you. I really miss you and my more regular flatmates.

Awwwww! I feel all spoiled. And we miss you here too.

And I can understand why you miss your flatmates so much, their just wonderful to live with.

Ooh! Ooh!
Can I has a native?

oooh! i want a present! pick me!

(if i am paying you back for it, it still counts as a present!)

what i want is from europe, but think you might be able to buy it in england? the company the makes kinder suprises (kinder) also makes little chocolate bars. i'd love some of those.
or, what would be really nice is, if you happen to pass through london again and happen to go to the national gallery, my poster of Henri Rousseau's Suprised!
recently got damaged, so i would love another. ah, but please don't go out of your way for me! i hope you guys are having an excellent trip and i look forward to hearing all about it when you get back!

You can get kinder surprise chocolate bars in NZ..?
Unfortunately, I'm a little wary about the food products I might want to bring back through Customs.

On the other hand, I do mean to go to a couple of art galleries. ^!^ I'll do what I can.

well, if you manage to go, i do recommend the national gallery, it's fantastic.

as for bringing food products through customs, as long as it's properly wrapped and it isn't meat, most things will be fine, in my experience.

Mm, plants and dairy products are supposed to be somewhat undesirable. You know how strict our border control is.

But you really can get the chocolate bars in NZ. I've seen them at dairies.

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