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Magic Beans
SSar's Beast
Since I was feeling sick and needed to study, the plan was that I would spend today at "home" and Joel would head off with Paul to Basingstoke town central, there to rummage around.

"Bye!" I said. "Get me hayfever medication, and something nice." Meaning, chocolate, a piece of fruit, an amusing photo, something small and nice like that.

He returned with:
-Hayfever medication
-Photos of Poundland's erotica dvds (hey, you can get porn at British $2 shops!)
-A PVC bunny costume
-Two large, ugly vases "because they were two for a pound"
-A Hallmark bookmark and pen.


We decided that he shall be supervised next time he goes to a mall, and also that everything is awesome despite the above absurdity, because something made us think of mohawked St Bernard puppies.

Will make up for lack of chocolate by eating Joel.

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*laughs* Sweetie, that is one of the best things I have ever heard!

(Deleted comment)
Because I suspected, quite accurately, that SSar would be unimpressed with Suburban Wives 7. If you wish £1 porn to be your England gift, speak now.

Aw, sorry to hear you're feeling icky.

I am curious about these vases, though. Feel better soon!

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