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North of the Humber
SSar's Beast
Edinburgh and York do not understand my need for internet. Picture SSar wandering dissolutely around rivers and monuments and pretty stone buildings to discover that Internet Cafe Number 1 closed at 8pm, and when she arrives at Internet Cafe Number 2, she and the last remaining staff member exchange incomprehending looks over the fact that it is 9pm. (And SSar thinks this is no time for an internet cafe to close.) That was two days ago...

Um, yeah, trip reporting. We got to Oxford (our bus left without us! Waah! But there was another one half an hour later, so we weren't stranded, in Milton Keynes, at 4:35am) and... we are now in Oxford.

Yayyy! All my flatmates are online at the same time!

I am a little whiny due to hayfever. Otherwise quite excited.

Also a little worried by an email I got from my father:

"If it’s not too much trouble, could you go in the cycle shop near the Cathedral, there in York, and pick up the Sturmey-Archer fixed-gear 3-speed hub that I declined to buy, when Cathy and I were there in 1976? It should be in a yellow SA box, should cost about 8 pounds, if I recall, and if you can bargain them down a bit, that would be good, as well…!"

50/50 chance he's kidding...

I think I saw the cycle shop he meant in York. But that was before I read this email, and anyway I was paying more attention to the art gallery, the museum, and the tea shop.

We had to stay up until 1:15am, as that was when our bus from York to Oxford departed, and so we had a rather amusing time wandering in irregular circles, finding monuments and old churches and strange pictures of Paul McCartney without his shirt on.

Need to go to the Bodleian Library tour now.


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That is possibly the most winning-ist request ever.

I'm slightly scared to reply lest he is devastated that I am no longer in York.

How are you Morbane? You got facebook?

I'm okay except that my eyes and nose are burning holes in my face, my mouth feels like an all-around itchy bruise, and I feel sick because of the number of times I am having to swallow to relieve the pain in mouth and throat. Also I keep sneezing.

I hate hayfever.

That said, I am happy to see you, and I do have facebook, but sadly I use it so rarely that it's a secondary method, at best, of contacting me.

I do read your journal, though I find the small font a bit difficult. How're you?

My boyfriend was going through the same thing earlier. I'm fine, been so busy this summer already, my goodness!

Oh, poor Mike. So what have you been up to that's keeping you so busy?

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