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SSar's Beast
We spent two days wandering around London - my desire to stab everyone associated with its transport system has waned. I have come to accept that the Tube just works. Sorry - no pictures, because we were lame and left the camera in Basingstoke.

Everyone's being lovely to us. Ellen's father (we are staying in the house of Ellen's parents) keeps reminding me that there are now MORE bacon and eggs in the fridge. And offering us sleeping bags for when we go north or south. Paul has been conducting us around London, and Ellen persuaded her lovely Canadian friends to put us up in their Vauxhall flat on Wednesday night so that we could avoid running back to Basingstoke.

I have no idea what we're doing today. Hehe.

Miss you.

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Basingstoke! How exotic ;)

j/k. Sooo jealous!

*grins* Yes, Basingstoke is a little quiet (and the village just outside Basingstoke, Oakley, which is where we ACTUALLY are, is even quieter). But it does have the house where the Last Stand of the English Civil War took place. The house is something of an ex-house following that conflict. Also, there is a large statue of a penis, locally known as the "Wote Street Willie."

Can't be all bad.

Also, study is annoying, but study on a deck chair *in summer* while nibbling snacks is much better.

Exciting! The civil war thing, that is. Could you please get pictures of this penis statue? It sounds funny.

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