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We Are Stuck In Singapore
SSar's Beast

I am lost in transit!

In short, our plane out of Sydney was borkedx2, causing us to be stuck there for a while, then miss our connecting flight out of Singapore. So they put us in a hotel in Singapore and told us they'd give us more information in the morning. Ummm... that more information suggests we may not be leaving until either 4:30pm or 8pm. In any case, we will get to London at least 17 hours after we were meant to.

I have never been to Singapore before!! Eh... I still do not know where I am in Singapore, at least in relation to where everything else is in Singapore.


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Ooh, Singapore's a nice airport to be stuck in. Try to find the koi pond - it's hard to miss; it's surrounded by giant blooming orchids. There are also leg massagers which I highly approve of.

*something of a crappy airport connosieur*

*perks up* Well, maybe when they drop us back at the airport I will see it. It was a bit of a blur last night...

When I came to NZ I stopped in Singapore. It was summer then and the humidity was overbearing.

Is it still humid there? Is it snowing? Is it Kuala Lumpur?

No, very humid but not overbearing. Don't think we're in KL - but don't quite have a clue.

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