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Public Services Announcement #2
SSar's Beast
I think I may have forgotten to mention (on LJ) that we're going to England in three days.
Four weeks from *right now* we will probably be leaving Wellington Airport for home.


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ignore that *reads actual post* you did put it in a bit of confusing way, though. assuming that home is where you're living now

Oops, but indeed, we'll be back in three and a half weeks.

Oh wow! You'll love my home country, where are you going in it?
Teh countryside is beautiful and really varied, and the cities have such vibrant culture - even though they can be pretty daunting at first.
You'll have to say what you got up to! :)

Mostly just between London and Winchester. But there will be stuff to see!! And the last time I was driven that way I was very tired and did not pay much attention.

We will do many good things.

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