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(no subject)
SSar's Beast
Here's a question. I'm curious.

What is an ordinary item (good or service) you might buy for $2 (or two pounds, or two of a standard currency unit)?

What about for $5?




What comes to mind? What would you buy once a week for this amount? What would be expensive at this amount?

Please tell me, I would like to know.

Also I have had a great weekend, and some general thoughts about myself, but I may post about those later.

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$2=1 litre whole milk. $5=a box of 100 PG Tips tea bags.

You know, the important things.

Let me see. $20 = used electric kettle?

$10 = variety of complementary biscuits; $100 = brand new tea set. Hey, there are worse ways to arrange one's finances.


$2 - bus ticket.
$5 - a small but fancy piece of cheese.
$10 - you know, I can't think of anything at this price.
$20 - music! Probably an actual CD, or an album on iTunes if I can't find the CD in the shops.
$100 - clothes and/or shoes, although that wouldn't be weekly.

$2 = some kind of nifty made-in-China trinket, or a chocolate bar.
$5 = a medium-sized food item.
$10 = a cheap book?
$20 = for some reason this is default "amount of petrol" money. Which goes to show I haven't needed to fill up a car in over a year.
$100 = a good pair of shoes, or a highly-anticipated brand-new computer game.

(hugs the morbane)

Hmm. Well, it's intriguing.

$2, 1.5SFR - bus fare in town, a cute badge
$5, 4SFR - a sandwich, an industrial sized coffee
$10, 15SFR - six cans of cheap beer or one bottle of really nice beer
$20, 16SFR - a nice bottle of wine, a beret
$100, $120SFR - Tickets to the Opera, a new jacket

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