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A scholar and a gentyllwhoman
SSar's Beast
I am working on two assignments at the moment. (While I type this, clearly.) One is do-able but requires time. The other is baffling. I am trying to make progress by figuring out something to do on the evil Danish assignment, then when that makes me panicked, doing one or two of the reassuring-but-arduous English questions. It works in bits.

(miriamus, cicipsychobunny, if you're reading this, are you less baffled than me? I walked into Borders and Whitcoulls, and neither of them had a real Danish-English dictionary. I've found two online ones that sort of work between them. I do not know where my Quirk & Wrenn's Old English Grammar has gone; despite being full of learning, it can nearly be mistaken for a pamphlet, and frequently misplaces itself because of its unobtrusiveness.)

Our flat has been very dramatic lately. (Not a topic sentence.) I am re-reading 'The Ethical Slut' and when I have finished that I will read the book it recommends about "fair fighting". I could do with less drama.

If I get both assignments done by Monday evening, when they are due, I will go to knitting club and then I may reward myself with a drink afterwards. Sound good? I think so. O gods, Danish, where do I start?

Edit add: Found Old English Grammar. Yay.
Also, here are the online Danish dictionaries I am finding useful: - technical and arduous, but thorough - more limited, but faster to use

Edit add: I really hate the way two hours of research can get me fifteen words. Only.

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Beat me to it! My reply was going to be, "I am only less baffled in that I haven't done anything yet".

Dear gods! You are both smarter than me!

At least that means that I'm depriving fewer people of books when I take them out of the library. You don't need them yet.

Mm I had the same problem trying to find a Swedish-English dictionary. Try Ferret bookstore or Arty Bees. I think I got mine at Ferret - definitely a second hand shop and definitely run by a mad Russian woman.

Sadly I think that the bookstore with the Russian woman, wasn't Ferret. Instead it was the one only a few doors down from Ferret. And is sadly closed now.
And yes that one did have a nice foreign language section.

Thanks, both of you :)
I suspect I will not get a dictionary in time for this assignment, but hey, the book is needed for a full-year course - I will conduct a more thorough search later, and it won't hurt to try Ferret.

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