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Oh yes.
SSar's Beast
On Thursday, at work, I got a static electrical shock from a teabag.

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My first thought about that was "Cool!"

Thankyou. I can't stop giggling!

Our old vacuum cleaner bit me a few weeks back!!! Funnily enough, I dropped it very quickly and refused to finish the vacuuming. Mum said we could just not tell my brother about it and get him to finish, but I notice she actually went out and bought a new one a couple of days later. We assumed there was a lose wire in the cord or something, because that was one heck of an electric shock it gave me... then again, it could be because it was a Vampyr... *g*

Oops! I indeed would be suspicious of such an aggressively named appliance. There used to a power switch like that in our back shed. It was excessively populated with mice.

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