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The good world
SSar's Beast
Dear all,

I had a really good day. I had a mocha frappacino (I can't even spell it! Argh) for the first time in two weeks; these are a secret vice of mine. Cordelia called me up in the middle of the day because she'd found my sewing machine pedal and power cord, a great relief since I didn't know where else they could be. I got paid more than I expected - although I have a faint suspicion this is a calculation error. During a moment of boredom at work, I began a letter to Laura, a friend I haven't seen since last December - and she turned up on Allenby Steps when I was walking up to my class, mere hours later. I played with a fluffy black kitten. The atmosphere at Sci Fi was extremely social and friendly and open and I had a great time. I have books to read, fiction and poetry and textbooks.

I hope this finds you well.

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The kitten! I saw it twice yesterday. It's lovely.

On Allenby terrace, that is.

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