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SSar's Beast

This is a ginger cake! It is delicious.


350gm butter
1 1/2 cups golden syrup
1 1/2 cups brown sugar (does not need to be packed in)
2 oranges
1 3/4 cups milk
4 eggs
3 cups self-raising flour (or normal flour with 5 tsp baking powder)
Raw ginger - say a 3cm3 cube
2 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda

-Preheat the oven to 150 Celsius. Butter or grease or whatever a large baking tin of some sort.
-Grate the zest off the oranges and reserve it in a small bowl.
-Put the butter, the golden syrup, the brown sugar, and the juice of both oranges into a large saucepan on low heat, stirring gently until the butter has melted fully and the sugar has dissolved.
-Remove from heat & when somewhat cooled, pour into a large mixing bowl. Mix the milk in.
-Whisk the eggs together and add to the mixture.
-Sift the dry ingredients into the mixture, adding gradually.
-Add the orange zest. Grate the ginger in as well (make sure the pieces of ginger are quite small.)
-Put in the oven. When the top starts to brown, cover with baking foil. Cooking time: approx 2 hours, but this is very approximate.

It tastes like a soft, moist brandy snap and is one of the few cakes to date that I enjoy with whipped cream.
But don't just take my word - Joel's Dad came over before I got back from work, and after Joel fed him some cake, he asked to take some more away in Gladwrap. Yay. Distant approval from my partner's parental figure!

Next week I have to make a lemon cake for Joel's workmate Helen, as it will be her birthday, and a vegan banana cake for my work supervisors Sharon and Cheryl.

Gah. Cake will be coming out my ears.

Original recipe:

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Reading this made me want cake.... gah!

Also, do you really have tescos?

Er, I just googled for ginger cakes. I'm not really familiar with the 'tesco' brand.

I'm sorry I made you crave cake, for I'm not really sure I can give you any, and if anyone deserves cake right now it is you with you busted leg! See if you can ask a friend who likes cooking to make this one, because it is fairly simple and very delicious.

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