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Madness of Cleaning
SSar's Beast
The spiders ate my mop.

No, seriously. The spiders ate my mop..

There is a pile of brownish dust where I used to stand it. Granted, there is still a mop handle, but the sponge is History, colonised with Spiders. WTF. I guess this is revenge.

Items in italics have been completed by either Joel or me.

- Spray and clean oven
- Rearrange lounge, sweep rearranged lounge
- Wipe/scrub all windowsills and sideboards
- Put oil in hinges and handle of the bathroom door and the front door

- Clean refrigerator. Put all Miscellaneous But Probably Usable stuff in one group so that we can vote on throwing it out.
- Put the smoke alarms back. Put the spare battery for the smoke alarms in a safe, memorable place.
- Scrub bathroom floor, toilet.
- Do my BEST to get the soap scum off the bathtub. Seriously, that is immortal. It has survived previous attacks by Alex, Andrew, and me.

- Clear at least one square metre of space on my bedroom floor - aim for two. Vacuum.
- Clear my desk of paperwork and baubles.
- Paint the edges of the concrete steps with white paint (if the weather is nice.)
- Clear out all of Andrew's stuff from Nik's room, bundle/package it nicely. (I mean the stuff he might want to keep.)

I think that's about it.

After I have thrown myself into rather a lot of cleaning, I am going to have a late lunch of Hell pizza as a reward. Anyone who's passing through Kelburn is welcome to join me and admire my cleaning.

Also, Frances and I came out of Juno singing the last song on the soundtrack to each other and giggling rather a lot. I got home today to find that Joel had got the soundtrack for me. Awww. Thank you, my bestest friend.

Listening to it now.

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Yes. Yes I did. And a brush. And hinge oil. And a new smoke alarm.

Don't mess with me, dirt. This is my serious face.

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