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Public Services Announcement
SSar's Beast
Hello. My name is Sara. My nickname is SSar.

I have gradually noticed that no one spells it like this. At all. Just a point of courtesy: I have been using this nickname for about five years, and since I started using it online, the spelling is important. Please type me as SSar, not "Ssar".

For those of you who develop grammatical ulcers at the idea of two capital letters at the beginning of a name, feel free to call me Sara. It is, after all, my name. I am quite content with that. But if you wish to honour me or show familiarity, please spell me right.

Lots of love,

SSar, or Sara

PS: Nik is going to be flatting with us! SO VERY AWESOME.

PPS: Joel is in Masterton this weekend and I am not working either Saturday or Sunday. I literally am not sure what to do with myself... aside from maybe a spot of housecleaning. Any ideas? Help? Offers of companionship? Hint hint wibble.

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Let's make a deal. I'll call you SSar if you re-add my new journal.

This is especially good for me because I don't have to change a thing =P
How you goin' anyways, sweetheart?

I have it added! Ooh, now I have Posts of the Past to read and catch up on.

I'm pretty happy. My life is full of friends and Extracurricular Activities (sewing, knitting, boardgames, etc) but also a little busy. I have been working very hard.

How're you, ribboness?

Well, you don't really. It's only been added to sporadically and a lot of the stuff was so messy it's private.
So I guess that answers your second question (take my advice and don't fall for a straight girl. It will only end in tears and substance abuse).

You're life sounds full of goodness. That's excellent!

You come over and hang out with us. We shall watch the cheesy movies, eat the foods and drink the tea (or the sherry)... go on!

That sounds pretty awesome. Would that be Saturday evening? I need to find out what Fezz is doing that evening, because he is only in Wellington until Tuesday, but otherwise I will be right over! Can't stay too late at night, though. In conclusion: Let me know more and I will get back to you.

Saturday afternoon, Saturday around 6 ish or Sunday afternoon would all be fine. We will just be bumming around, so pop in anytime and the fun can begin.

Well, you could always fix that flat on your bike (I'll help) and go for a ride.

That is a good idea. Plus it coincides with my other tentative plan of cleaning up my room, because I have a cheap set of patches and other such things in my room, somewhere.

I see your invitation above from blairette - yell if that turns out to be on a different day and I can come around. :)


Tell you what - come around on Sunday because Alex won't be here tonight (he has an RPG on). You could come around for dinner or just to hang out! Joel is in Masterton but gets back between 7&8pm on Sunday.

Sweet, I shall come for dinner if that works for you! What time would you like?

When does Nik move in?

Any time from 6pm. I can promise dinner will be ready by quarter to 7. I can has promises!

Nik moves in before the end of February. Not sure precisely when.

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