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corporate ladder / in stockings
SSar's Beast
Cordelia and Reuben came around for dinner last night, which was lovely! Somehow I manage to be social while staying at home - lucky me. My mother's chicken recipe was a hit. Which is good, as I'm a bit lost when it comes to cooking chicken.

It's odd to hear a friend's stories about work and then suddenly turn up there as a temporary employee. I was at Kiwibank today, on wih's floor.

At about 10am, someone started hunting in my stationery drawer for a missing 17000-pound cheque. (Which might have been bogus. We don't know.) At about 11am, they realised they'd given me the wrong stack of paper to data enter. At 12pm they spread out a lavish feast. At 4pm they were still bringing a trolley round saying, "There's more food, don't you want to take it home?"

Also, there was a giant Connect-4 grid with styrofoam pieces. I want one. Joel's Corporate Twister might still beat it though.

Also, crenated means notched or indented.