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Yay for me and other people!
SSar's Beast
So it's the_nic's and uno_numero's 3rd anniversary of dating today. Neatness and splendour.
vileseagulls did not break any plates! Yay for her.
blunebottle took me to Go club yesterday. There were TEN PEOPLE there. Yay for all of them.
Joel is singing in the shower. Yay for him.
On the subject of showers, starzend reports that his new upstairs shower is excellent. Yay for him!
My mother sent me her chicken drumsticks recipe. Yay for her!
I have persuaded some of my friends to take me to a strip club while Joel is in Sydney. Yay for me!...

Edit add: Joel has stipulated that I have to discuss Emily Dickenson with at least one of the strippers. He or she must enter fully into this discussion. Oh well, perhaps we can segue to Kingdom Hearts. "Are you [a] nobody too?"

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I think I could maybe manage some Hegel...
I am mightily amused/vaguely intrigued by the thought of you at a strip club. Mostly, when I end up in there, it's the Mermaid, it's about 5 a.m. and I sit drinking G and T and discussing work conditions with the dancers. It's kind of... odd how little it matters if they're clothed or not. Perhaps I'm a bit prurient like that.

There is no data available on my behaviour at a strip club because I haven't gone to one yet. You may wish to take notes.

Hmmm, I am kind of keen on the prospect of this girls' night out thingie :)
Especially as I have half-days on Thursdays!

So you'd be able to party on Wednesday and take a somewhat cruisier day than usual at work on the next day?

Hee, I have not been to one either. I must admit I've always been curious.

...Wait I once walked into Santa Fe with the sando.

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