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Post Exam High
SSar's Beast

I just had my two hours of exam and I think they went pretty well, thank you. All questions answered, still left thinking, "Could have said so much more, but probably said enough."

The only bad part was that one of my classmates whom I particularly talk to had obviously had a bad night (drunk flatmates, little sleep, stress) and was feeling pretty discouraged. And she left before I could get her email address - AGAIN. And the one you gave me might not be right, starzend - no reply, anyway.

Now waiting for Anna to finish her three hours so we can hopefully dance around in a post-exam high. I miss all of the exams we had in high school. So often I didn't need a sugar rush. Nope, think I'm kidding.

Then Claire arrives from Dunedin tonight! (Anyone want to come over and welcome her?)

And then I go back to work! And then Joel comes home from Sydney! Sydney is lucky. It's nice that he isn't being stolen away so long. And next time I go to Auckland I'll have him with me.

I even got to watch the fireworks (from the library, after which I went straight back to my textbooks, good little SSar). And I loved the rainbow-coloured ones.

Now what do I do? Fix my bike? Catch up on sleep? Completely tidy my room? Tape over the spot where my landlord poked a small hole in my ceiling?

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I might after violin.
When would welcoming be scheduled to occur?

How zah-ish!

Her friends are picking her up from the airport and dropping her off somewhere between 8pm and 9pm. It'd be nice to see you too. I didn't thank you for coming around the other evening, did I? Well, it was neat.
And, so THAT's the Companion Cube which we shall <3.

that is indeed the Companion Cube, which we shal <3.
also: teh n1kk0r says that the email is correct, though it is possible it has been typoed.

Who says I needed reincarnation? I've always been here. So've you, but your text is incredibly hard to read. I wish it were larger... how're you?

Also how were the fireworks from the library? I've thought for years that it'd be a good spot to watch from, but have never goton round to viewing them from there yet.

Claire is my summer flatmate. Also a high school friend who you may have met before when she stayed with me in Mamari St. The fireworks were pretty good although the angle of the windows could have been better. I was only on the 6th floor but I still saw everything.

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