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The definition of sheer pizazz
SSar's Beast
This is a story that will make you happy inside.

Yesterday, leaving work, I'd decided to bake a couple of cakes (again) and took the cable car, loaded up with flour, vanilla, sugar, cocoa, and all the things I thought I'd just used up for the party.

Being SSar, the World's Slowest Competent Cook, it took me until nine pm to finish my cakes. (There is a neatness to having two cake tins.) One was for me; the other was for the Hataitai flat because Tara and Nic had been too busy studying to come to my party, and Bex had left before we got around to serving cake.

I iced them, chucked a jar of silver ball sprinkles in my bag, went down to the street, caught the number 14, and was deep into the new (annoying) Melanie Rawn book when a girl in a pink coat got on the bus and sat beside me.

"Hello, Tara. I was coming over to your house to give you a cake. Here it is."

And with little more ado, I got off the bus at the next stop and walked home.

On the way up Central Terrace, past the last bend, I looked at the sky and saw a shooting star, the brightest I've ever seen, which broke into two before it vanished.

And I was singing already.

Aforesaid party went pretty well. A few people I hadn't hoped for suddenly said they were coming on the day.

It seems to happen that when we have a party here, I just cook and Alex (whether or not it's his party) is drafted into keeping an eye on everyone. Luckily, everyone was easily distracted by chocolate, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and randomly-assorted presents.

Also luckily, I had a kitchen full of helpers. I said to Sam, "Here are these recipes. I want to cook them," and Sam said, "Oh. Crap. These should be in the oven already," gave me a really dirty look, and started organising everything.

Anna managed the dolmas and the potatoes, applying white wine where appropriate, and Nicki showed up, made cake, and had to leave before getting the benefit of any of her culinary efforts.

To put this in perspective, Anna and I had been doing all-nighters on our respective essays for the past four days. We were bushed, we were competing over our tallies of milligrams of caffeine, Anna's elbow was covered in a nasty friction burn, and both of us still had to hand in major assignments.

Everyone laughed, everyone got a present, we saw a few people we hadn't seen in a while, Joel promised to buy me a NEW MATTRESS, and I fell asleep in my own bed. Finally. And slept more than in the previous three nights combined.

I really don't know WHAT I was thinking, having a party at this time, but it went just fine.

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T'was a great day you just described, and it was a lovelly party. Though you should have more fun at your own do's, ie order the rest of us to work while you chat to people.

It's true, I wish I'd been able to just talk to a few more people, especially people like Nicki, who I'm not sure I've seen any other time in 2007. But I did have fun, Neleh. I'm glad you were kept amused also.

I only regret that we didn't

a) have a paper-scissors-rock tournament
b) watch David Bowie DVDs.

So group paper-scissors-rock tournanment too be held at some point on the future for your benefit then?

Of course. I know I can leave it all to you.

I will see what I can do...

No, it occurred to me just last week that I'd probably not seen you so far this year. 'twas good to come, even if I did have to go too soon! My cake turned out okay then? ^_^

It was delicious. It went in ten seconds flat. What is the recipe?

Given that you're asking for the recipe, I'm assuming you're talking about the coffee slice. It's from Jo Seagar's Chelsea Cafe cookbook - with a few minor adjustments. If I remember, I can find the book again later and type it up for you. If you have the book yourself, I think it's listed as a Coffee Walnut Fudge Slice, or something like that, on about page 54 or so. The coffee essence is found near the coffee in the supermarket, rather than with the other essences, and I used brown sugar instead of whatever the sugar they listed was. It's a nice easy one to do, but watch the cooking times! I haven't over-baked it yet, but I have under-baked it - it may still be perfectly edible, but it's no where near as good! I was very disappointed. The outside pieces weren't too bad, but the middle pieces were too soft and wet still. Ideally you want crisper outsides so that the middle pieces are soft and chewy.

Anyways, enough of that! I was actually wondering about the banana cake I mostly mixed up. It's always nice to hear your cooking appreciated, but the coffee slice has already been very popular at home and at work, so I'm not really surprised that went fast!

Oh. Well, the banana cake went pretty good too. I think cakes are successful if when just beginning to cool they still have an almost puddingy moistness inside. For this reason, the banana cake was better than the chocolate cake. I did realise I'd forgotten the walnuts, though. Then again, my banana cakes are cursed - someone must drop them - so either you making it circumvented the curse, or the curse is caused by walnuts.

I do not have Jo Seagar's Chelsea Cafe cookbook, but I can have a look in Whitcoulls in my lunch break.

*Went pretty *well*. I'm sorry, lords and ladies.

It was so nice to get cake and greatly, muchly appreciated! also, it was a really good cake, too.

Yay. Joel is being baffling about the phone call about your essay - how is it going?

Mattress is still on offer! Come over for a bounce-test ASAP. You can have it (and save Joel some money, which you could instead spend on dinner out, or dinner in, or some high-thread count sheets for aforementioned mattress.)

Awesome. When would be a good time? Are you free today? (it's just past midnight, so I mean Monday.) I will bring a tape measure.

I am free. Will be at Louise's, still writing essay. Otherwise I possibly have a tape measure myself so can do it while I procrastinate?

Oh gods, Hopkins is not yet in? I emailed Christine on Thursday saying, "I am sorry, I will not be handing anything else in. I am just burnt out." She didn't respond. That's it. I kinda wish she had responded, but it's better than me leaving her hanging.

I hope Louise's lounge is as productive as advertised. Then again, if you're online at midnight, on LJ...

She was going to Iceland on Friday though, was she not? Or is that THIS friday? And I'm on gmail. I'm always on gmail.

Louise's lounge is amazingly productive provided that Louise is in the lounge with me, scolding me for not doing my work. I have another 1000 or so to write (was at work all weekend, managed to get about two sentences done) so am aiming for tomorrow, 5pm.

No, she is going to Iceland today.

Woot, you've done another 1000 since you last declared your totals.

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