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Just thought you should know
SSar's Beast
I just tried to spell pineabble like so.

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Its still not as bad as some of my more unfortanate ones....

I once spent an entire essay writing "ehtnograhpies", instead of ethnographies. I was fuming cos the spellchecker didn't pick it up. Pineabble is much cuter than ehtnograhpies!

That's a VERY fourteenth-century spellchecker.

I'm in the English Honours room. I just got a visit from the cleaners.

"How long are you going to be in here?"

me - "Um... morning? Daylight?"

"Oh, is that all."

me - "Well... how long did you mean?"


the real question, of course, is why I'm trying to write 'pineapple' while doing an assignment.

Not at all, not at all; pineapple juice, for instance is a very useful thing during the end of a thesis.

Weeks?! wow. Our arch room is so far down a corridor that often students leave their desks empty and just work from home.

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