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SSar's Beast
This is your 21-hour notice for Yirry's 21st birthday party. You have been warned. Most of you ought to know by now, too.

The deal: it starts at 4:30pm; I'm cooking; you have to bring a pot-luck present of value $5-$10 so that you can receive one; no drinking until at least 8pm and even then this is NOT a "drinking party".

Caryl, you wouldn't be free tomorrow afternoon, would you?

For those who don't know the way, text me when you reach the top of the cable car and someone will fetch you (it's about 7 minutes walk from the top of the cable car, for which fares range $1-$2.50 .)

Comments are screened: if you need my phone number, or further instructions, put your phone or email address in the comment.

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A *student* one-way is $1. Adult is $2.50.

And hey, since this is screened, can I indulge in sexy banter?

Yep, though I might decide to un-screen it later if no one puts any private info up.

I'm not sure if that would have a discouraging or an inciting effect on you.

I put on my robe and wizard hat!

It's not looking good hon - I'm going to be working late tomorrow I suspect. :P

Aww honey. You need to flick us a line sometime about all the stuff you're getting up to. Even if it entirely consists of "Work is this and this." I'll miss you. Get some sleep, you professional you.

Cable cars are for the weak and feeble!

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