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SSar's Beast
Hm. So I've been procrastinating and panicking and doing other unhealthy things ever since the holidays, and now after an all-nighter my project is almost finished, and, due to an extension, will be handed in on time. This is also mostly due to the people who happened to be online and happily answered my questionnaire. Thanks guys. Including a couple of very kind people who would have been happy to do it if I'd given it to them before they needed to sleep.

Either I'm not quite such an academic disaster as I thought I was, or I'm just lucky, or something. Anyway I feel better. And I only just realised this computer lab has a window. The sky is quite light now.

These things now, next things next. Like my monkey waking up to feel much better than he has these last few days.

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Ah well reading your post made my email pointless to respomnd too. Glad you got it all sorted. But your monkey unwell? Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that, hope he gets better soon.

Me too. Your email was very nice though. I did get it in, and it was all better. And now the other project gets done today... Thanks so much for your help, Helen. I'll see you tomorrow, won't I?

I might be a little late but yes.

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