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Childhood of the Dust: Part 2 (of...)
SSar's Beast
It's always nice to realise things that you have in common with your loved one. Today I learn that Joel's as much a pack rat as I am. And getting someone to tidy up their stuff is a bit interesting when it includes artwork made at age 5.

So: Don't make people turf through their stuff if they packed their bags at age 17 and haven't fully evaluated said bags' contents since. Or, indeed, didn't actually inventory their belongings at the time.

Quote from over shoulder - "Hm. Kite string. Not an awful lot of kite." *wave of arms* "It was a bat."

We also seem to have turned up a CCCP rouble. Also, Happy Meals and United Airlines have an uneasy relationship: I can show you Ronald McDonald "doing unfortunate things for the aerodynamic stability of a 747." [- Joel]

A pack of cards featuring pictures of Canadian wildlife! All the queens are whales! It has 'sasquatch'-es for Jokers! I should mention that as I typed that, "Blame Canada" came up on Joel's playlist... There is a lot to blame Canada for in this collection.

Also, a card game based on The Faraway Tree. I can reliably inform you that you lose a turn if you peek at the Pixie. When you are at card 9 you are at the land of birthdays! Please tell me I'm not the only one for whom fond memories are evoked. The earliest piece of writing I remember doing, at age 5, involved Silky and the others hanging out on my trampoline.

Um, yeah. Back to my *cough* adult life. Supposedly. Work is good. Two more months of data entry I can cope with - if I get enough sleep; Charlie's current assignment is one of the most shiny ones I've had yet. It's oddly energy-supplying. I start work with no food and water and am still dancing around, talking in a really fast sing-song, eight hours later. I don't know how to describe the high I get on just from stepping out in front of people and engaging them. It's like a mild version of adventure sports... the danger of constant rejection instead of injury. My co-workers make me take breaks and I almost don't want to. Uni - I begin to feel uneasy. Will review assignments tomorrow. May ask for extensions, based on employment schedule. Now would be the time, anyway. That or a better plan.

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I used to have to climb every tall tree I saw when I was a kid. I'd get anxious if I couldn't; this is because I knew that New Zealand had to have a Far Away Tree somewhere, and I could be missing out because I was either too lazy or scared to climb. This behaviour rectified itself after I fell out of a tree at a cub camp, and was only saved because I hit many branches on the way down.

I guess, I just wanted to see some Dick and Fanny, maybe Moon Face too...

But you should eat and take ome rest during the day. Please! It'll make you feel ever so good.

The Faraway Tree was one of my favourite book series! I loved it. If anyone did not read the Farawya Tree as achild then they severely missed out. Ooh - I found all my old childhood books (mainly Enid Blyton ones) recently and happily spent a good few hours sitting on the floor reading some of them.


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