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SSar's Beast
Life is skittles and life is beer! Well, in a way, but it's far from being Spring. But Joel and I are getting out a little more. From the Wellington Film Festival, we saw Severance, which was horror-rific'ly funny, and had a MANPADS. And a stoner on a leash. And other cute and lovely things (and many unlovely) and DO lay your hands on it if you can, please. Then we went to our favourite, neglected mainstream cinema (Regent) to see Judd Apatow's 'Knocked Up'. That it was fun came as a great surprise to me - the concept could easily be repugnant to viewers, also-easily including me - but not to Joel, who likes Seth Rogen and of course Judd Apatow.

I've started a new job. Minimum wages data entry for the Ministry of Fisheries, but my boss is just lovely and everyone else is friendly. Besides, after she asked me when my Uni holidays would be so that I could put in a 40-hour week, I drafted a schedule for the next few weeks. She glanced at it, and photocopied it: those are my hours. Done. Fun. I'm a masochist: most days of the week I'll start work at 7:30am.

My otherboss is in a bit of a pickle because suddenly she needs me to work for her: she has a project coming up that was originally meant to start a month ago. If anyone's interested in part time market research work, now, for two weeks, she will welcome you with open arms. It can be frustrating sometimes, admittedly, but it's not difficult and it's not something you need a lot of experience for.

Uni's good but that almost needs a separate post, because Linguistics is fascinating. I could be asking Linguistics-related questions for years and even not when jump-started by this really good book my parents found for me. Sometimes my lectures are great and sometimes I feel like saying, "Hurry up and get to where my head is. Too slow and not exciting enough." And for Old English, my teacher just gave me an assignment that consists of a large sheaf of papers thicker than many assignments I've handed IN.

I'm doing a bit of the socialising I want to do. Standing around the kitchen doing dishes with Alex and Andrew while we take turns to rave about our subjects is at least as good for me as anything else I can think of doing, but then again, Frances agreed to come around for a proper dinner soon-ish, Cordelia called me just yesterday to suggest we catch up properly, I talked briefly to Pip on the phone on Wednesday, and just a couple of hours ago I had the start of a really good conversation with Helen. It's a pity it was just a start - Joel and I had to run for the bus. None of this will get us the girlfriend we want :) but it's all good stuff. Oh, and Tara, I'd love a Pictionary rematch. :D

I do wish Andrew were here more often, though. It makes the flat more balanced.

...And Sam just loaned Kingdom Hearts (1) to me, which may undo all my willpower to talk to people.

If I happen to end my post here, you can draw your own conclusions. About or not about Playstation 2 games.

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ssar! i would love to play pictionary against you! (i think everybody else is still scared of me...) i also suspect you might like phase ten. perhaps we could do games in the holidays? well, it seems like you will be busier then but that would be easier for me, anyway.

nic would probably be interested in the part-time work. (he is asleep at the moment so can't say for sure...) you have his contact if you think your boss could use him?

What is phase 10? Actually, I will be working a heck of a lot in the holidays, but I only have one assignment so I should have a few evenings free. I will make sure one of them is free enough for Pictionary!

Nic would probably suit my boss just fine. I'll text him her number again; if it doesn't seem like his kind of work that's cool, but it'd be great if he's interested.

...I am seriously envious. My school doesn't offer a Linguistics program at all. Luckily I'll be getting some in during my semester abroad coming up here, but meanwhile you are living my dream :-P I may have to mop up a substantial puddle of drool here if I think too long about your Old English class, especially. *longing sigh*

Might I beg you for the title of that book your parents found you?

Indeed! It's "Spoken Here: Travels Among Threatened Languages," by Mark Abley. But, Niphredil, I always thought you were at the perfect university. No Linguistics?

Actually, my shift to Linguistics was in line with a sudden and strange rise in LING enrollments this year. Apparently the department was gobsmacked by the number of people in their classes. We had a visiting lecturer from down south who looked at the lecture theatre and commented that he was used to a classroom.

I am sorry my OE class dehydrates you, since, as you can see, it's not at all dry.

I still would say I am at the perfect school, at least for me, for right now. And I absolutely love my major, it's perfect to set me up for graduate work. But I do sometimes regret the lack of linguistics...ahh but that's why I'm spending a semester in Dublin! And we are the only American university with an Irish Studies/Irish Language&Literature department. I can't study the theory of language, but I can study a relatively endangered one, so all is forgiven. :-)

Actually I believe I've read that book, and enjoyed it greatly - that book is basically all about what I want to do with my life, haha.

I'm thrilled that your school has so many people interested in linguistics!! I get a lot of funny looks when I say that's what I want to study at the graduate level. "Ling-what? What's that?" *sigh*

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