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(no subject)
SSar's Beast
I too have read HP. Finished book 7 about half past midnight on Saturday, because I didn't get home from work until 7pm. Discuss if you like. Warn of spoilers.

SSar: !!
Joel: ?
SSar: "Guess who died!"
Joel: "*actor name*"
SSar: "Character, not actor. Anyway, no."
*eight pages later*
SSar: "Joel... s/he/it died. You were only eight pages off."

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*snickers* I started reading at work, as did Lizzie... so when she came out after lunch she's going on about "can't believe who she killed" and la-de-da... I told her that there was some speculation that he might not be dead and she's going "huh? But she was all limp and he blew her up and..." so I was left going "oops, not as far as I thought..." *g*

Sob! My favorite character...I need a hug. In other words I've read it.

I spent the last HOUR of reading in tears. Even at the happy bits. :D

Hey It's Sohini here Ssar. U remember me? Anyways... I finished the book on Sunday and OH MY POOR SEVERUS! sorry anyone for the spoilers. I cried during the entire 'Prince's Tale' chapter. But I guess in a way I knew it would happen. but umm... Albus Severus Potter? Hmmmmm!

of course I remember you Sohini :) Prince's Tale is pretty sad, yeah, but in some ways it makes you feel a little easier about his death because he was never going to get what he truly wanted back again. At least, that's how I felt.

hey morbane how are you doing dear?

I'm well enough, how're you? I understand you're soon to have a birthday. Plans, dear?

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