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hey good pumpkin
SSar's Beast
You know you're procrastinating when...

no. 341 - You are at a computer lab in the middle of the night and you are mentally composing an email to your grandmother.

She does deserve one - she sent me this poncho which I can warm my hands with when I run across the Quad to buy coca-cola and chocolate. But it's not as important as whether I can identify the verb class of bregdan. Pumpkin hour...

I seem to have discovered a Word keyboard shortcut that instantly changes my alphabet to Cyrillic. It happens when I muff up Ctrl + I. It was funny the first time.

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The computers at Uni notice when I use Greek letters (which I often do for science) and decide this means I want to type in greek. So the a key produces and alpha, the b key produces a beta and so on. If you tell it "no, my language is not greek, it's English", it basically says OK, then as soon as you type something changes back.

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