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New Zoo Land
SSar's Beast
Today I am quite Forced to Go to the Zoo.

It's a necessary errand, quite necessary, even though I won't get any further than the gift store.

Luckily the bus leaves from the bus stop outside Uni, so after handing in my club affiliation papers (I had to give me more money on my printing account) I will swan off. And avoid swans.

And then I will wander off to the Hutt to collect papers for going off to Titahi Bay tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get the work done quickly and then I can shop in Scary Porirua Mall-Place for another person's birthday present. Damn you all, in a nice way.

This is all very conducive to me writing letters, which is good, because I'm in a letter-writing mood and I must get rid of lots of stamps.

You would think from the sound of this that I am being quite productive but actually I've been sitting at my desk reading all day. I love Isobelle Carmody - she makes everything so much better. Or, when it's good already, or you just need stress release, she makes me smile. (Not you. Me.)

Today my friends list is also absorbingly interesting so I think I will go hang out the laundry and then come back so as to read it.

PS: Alex isn't going to have a nervous breakdown. That's my $20 and I'm sticking to it. However, if the idea prevails, we can set up a book based on pre-exam, post-exam, etc, divides.

PPS: Joel WAS hitting himself.

PPPS: This is where I should say something about my third flatmate, Andrew, except that all I have to mention is that he forgot to take his Tim-Tam for lunch and now I won't see him until the end of the weekend.

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