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Childhood of the Dust
SSar's Beast
This is a black shirt. It's looking pretty grey about now.

For anyone to understand what I mean by cleaning out my childhood bedroom, I should explain that every wall is covered with large and small bookshelves. 19 in total. Well, 18: I just got rid of one. About half of the bookshelves have books on them; others are just full of crazy stuff. And the bookshelves are LAYERED, and every piece of furniture that could have something under it, or on top of it, does. (Well... not so much right now.)

I didn't even know I had two hula hoops, and I'd completely forgotten about my key collection.

I rescued my pirate ship from the top of the bookshelf on top of the wardrobe! I once named it The Susannah.

And I have an impressive ability to hoard paper. Why have I kept all my school notebooks since intermediate school? More pertinent, what seismic disturbance forced me to get rid of previous stuff? It is just torture to keep all your high school exam scripts. Don't do it.

...Forget paper. I hoard EVERYTHING. I hoard you.

In other news, I met up with Fezz in town, by way of knowing where he worked. He has cut off his hair and is starved for hugs. Otherwise, he's doing fine. Bouncy and charming as ever. Currently watching Flame of Recca. I was so very pleased to see him.

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As a fellow hoarder, I sympathise with you, good Morbane. It's a very hard habit to break and I wonder if I'll ever succeed.

Huzzah for the hula hoops, though!

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