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How does Deimos help the Defenders and whose side is Duplika on?
SSar's Beast
I have just turned 21, but I spent most of this afternoon looking at Pokémon fanfic. If there was ever a sign that I was going to grow up one day, this negates it. The fandom has a nostalgic quality, as well as the obligatory aspect caused by the people to whom I owe reviews and communications, but I should probably turn to a fandom where I'm more likely to find people my own age who don't review with the format, "xxx loved it lol!!" (Widespread, but not entirely eclipsing the intelligent ones who do yet exist.)

But you kinda fall in love with your own ideas, and start wondering if you can really make your epic-genre story as Epic as it was envisaged, and if you can salvage the cool parts of the Awful Archetypical Journey Fic you wrote first by having some other characters, somewhere, refer to it elliptically, and since your hardcopy notes were scattered through years of juvenile journals and your documents are on floppy disks (!) you start to wonder what actually was going to happen next. I think I only completed *one* of my multi-chapter stories, which leaves several cliff-hangers I actually cared about.

My renewed enthusiasm is starting to scare me.

I wonder if I can say that in Old English.

No, I have no idea what 'enthusiasm' is. Actually, that's just wimping out, as I could probably find an appropriate substitute, but my glossaries just aren't geared towards back-translation.

It's funny, the last possible thing one tends to learn in this sort of language study is "Yes," or "No."


Mum also bade me visit her at the Easter Show, an Auckland thing involving themepark rides and exhibits of all description. Her Woodturning Guild is always strongly involved in the art competitions. This time Mum actually demonstrated, and made pretty glass-and-wood candle holders in front of everyone. It's kinda fun looking at the exhibits with an expert in tow, because without Mum and other woodturners I would have no idea which fantastic-looking items were made using clever-but-simple tricks, and which were really impressive feats. Ie, figuring out why some of the asymmetrical-seeming effects aren't.

Not the woodturning but the woodcarving category was controversial this year. Two people had entered - one member of the South Auckland Woodturners' Guild, carving out a giant paua shell from greeny-tinted swamp kauri, and one non-affiliate, who had submitted several bas-relief carved faces, several from existing pictures such as the famous National Geographic 'Afghan Girl'. The judges' decision was to award a Second prize to Russell's paua shell, and award no First or Third prize at all. This, to me, seemed unnecessarily petty. Even if they didn't think the overall quality of the entries high, and even if they for some reason didn't consider the bas-relief carver's work to have suitable workmanship or artistic quality, they could at least have given him a Third prize, for example. As it is, the carver was left feeling deliberately snubbed, and Russell was wondering a bit more quietly if, hey, since he had technically been first in his category, why the heck hadn't they just given him a First prize?

Mm, opinions?

*wanders off downstairs for a slice of the surviving birthday cake*

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I frequently competed in competitions for Speech & Drama as a youngun. I'm struggling to remember how this issue was dealt with. If there are sufficient entries, 1st 2nd and 3rd are awarded. (I think.) If there are less, then the judges can, I think, award anything they like i.e. no 1sts, but still 2nds. I think it would be odd award a 2nd and no 3rd though.

Happy birthday, my love.

Aww, thank you, anti-imperialist princess.

I won a second place award by default; only two entries, in a pottery competition at the Canberra Show a few years ago. It does seem kinda weird that they gave out one award, but not two. I've run art comps at ANU where we've cancelled the judging due to too few entries, I'd have thought that they'd do that rather than judge two pieces like that.

Happy Birthday!

What sort of art comps did you run?

Maybe the problem was lack of precedent. It seemed a somewhat odd decision, possibly arrived at from having to balance too many options.

Thanks :) Yours is soon, isn't it?

Yeah, um... ooh! Next wednesday!

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