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Whining about pizza ordering and its associative stress.
SSar's Beast

You would think this would be the simplest thing on the planet but I have spent about half an hour today and the previous two Wednesdays trying to argue the relevant villains down by $50 on a pizza order. Today I managed it.

Gaaaah arguing with people on the phone. I am fighting a losing battle and the upshot is usually that I have to pay money out of my own pocket for something I'm not taking part in and can't justify.

Pizza order girl today asked what Vic Uni's street address on Kelburn Parade was. It's fair enough since she's from Auckland. Otherwise you should know that Vic Uni creeps up Kelburn Parade like an epiphyte that kills the mother tree.

After I explained, for ten minutes, "I called up last week to check that you offer X deal. I called today to make ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE. This deal EXISTS," she did in fact check it out and knock $50 off again.

This is possibly my most trivial post yet; well, so it would seem from every perspective save that of a clubs treasurer. Waaaaah. I'm not being treasurer next year. Someone else can do the pizza ordering. Budgets yay! Pizza ordering not so yay.

Back to watching Planet of the Spiders with some crazy people.

Week 2 of taking great joy in Boston Legal, haven't yet run off to space palace with J. S. Joel is reassured.

Am generally having a good life. More on that later. IE we've been in this flat six months and NO ONE has gotten grumpy about doing dishes. They mostly just get done. Do you realise how special that is? And I did about 35-40 hours work last week but am still keeping up mostly with classwork.

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the dishes get WASHED?

When and how can I expatriate your housemates over here?

Heh. We never get all of our dishes done. Partly because each couple cooks for themselves; we have a coeliac omnivore, normal omnivores, and herbivores. So I guess that the pans do us in.

you have been in that flat six months?
It doesn't seem half that long..

It's our time distortion field. Lets us live six months in a place and only one month passes in real time. Saves a bucketload on rent.

awesome, where can I get one?

a) the liquor store
It does not actually come in a bottle. It's a small wire thing in a box, normally found on the shelves below the vodka. Beware of asking for it by name, it's different every time.

b) the magic lease company
It is never there when one needs it but one occasionally hears of someone else having run across them.

c) anywhere where people sit around a crystal and chant for several hours at a time (this takes time away from them and makes it available for other uses)

d) in a large office (for the same reasons as above.)

Ahh. that would explain why I have never come across those before.
I never go to any of these places :)

On an unrelated note, how was hot fuzz?
you HAVE seen it by now, right?

No no not yet! Plans are for Sunday. I thought we'd go on Tuesday but that was House and Boston Legal night. Joel thought he should delay to give me time to see Shaun of the Dead, but since I've seen it, no delay need occur. Don't worry! We will partake in this experience!

i do not believe it has been six months... it is only march right? did i miss my birthday? is lent over?

yes, another one of those Catch 22s.

Oh My Jim! I've forgotten to do my lenten appeal. Damn.

Although I do agree, I've come across the time distortion field once, but I got dizzy and fell over. When I stood up, I found myself staring at people who were sitting around a crystal chanting... It was strange, I fell over in an office building...

Thanks for your card. It was the crowning feature of my week. And you were not a bore, more a boar. Then again, I'm the Boar, hehe. Figure THAT one out,

So it's a welcome change from Sam, having no dishes piling up, hehe. *smiles sweetly*

Meanie. :)

Yeah, well, at the moment, when dishes pile up it's usually because I haven't done them, which is neat-o.

Also I just spent two hours teaching my Mum how to play Go, does that not rock?

You need to tell me when you're coming home for Easter, if indeed you plan to do so.

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